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Deep concern about the detention of PWYP members in Niger

The Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Africa Steering Committee is deeply concerned by the arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Abdoulaye Seydou and Adamou Idrissa, both members of the ROTAB/PWYP-Niger coalition, and by the deteriorating situation for human rights defenders in Niger. We are witnessing a systematic ban on public demonstrations in Niger. Abdoulaye Seydou […]

Transitional minerals in the DRC: putting citizens in control

  Copper and cobalt are two of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) biggest exports. Cobalt is one of the world’s most sought after minerals: a key component in the lithium-ion batteries which power electric vehicles (EVs), as well as mobile batteries and laptops. Copper is used in renewable energy systems to generate power from […]

Transition minerals in Zambia: ending community poverty

  Zambia is Africa’s second biggest copper producer, and has been a major producer of the metal for more than a century. Now global copper demand is accelerating and will continue to surge because of its critical role in the push to decarbonise the planet. Thanks to its electrical conductivity and low reactivity, copper is […]

Transition minerals in Madagascar: for a transparent community consultation

  Madagascar produces key transition minerals, including cobalt and nickel: both ingredients in the lithium-ion batteries used in most electric vehicles (EVs) and in renewable energy storage.  The mining sector accounts for around 30%  of the country’s exports. But despite possessing substantial deposits of the natural riches considered key to the energy transition, Madagascar’s 28 […]

Recommendations for a common African vision on transition minerals

To make the most of the transition minerals boom, African leaders need to come together and act urgently to ensure that the emerging transition minerals market is well-regulated, transparent, just and equitable.  The world needs to stop burning fossil fuels. Climate change is already happening and to prevent the worst impacts we must accelerate the […]

Wanted: a common vision for transition minerals extraction in Africa

This op-ed has first been published in the South-African media Daily Maverick  Read our key recommendations for a shared African vision on transition minerals extraction here.   Zambian and other African nations’ minerals are crucial for a low carbon world. But reform is essential if our people are to benefit from the wealth they will […]

Gabon: a tale of hope and determination

After almost a decade in the wilderness, Gabon has returned to the EITI – and Publish What You Pay Gabon played a crucial part in making it happen. Paul Aimé Bagafou outlines the lessons learned along the way. Gabon’s road back to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) – the global standard for the good […]

Deep concern about the possible prosecution of Ketakandriana Rafitoson in Madagascar

The Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Africa Steering Committee is deeply concerned by the possible prosecution of Ketakandriana Rafitoson, National Coordinator of PWYP and Executive Director of Transparency International Initiative – Madagascar (TI-MG).  Ketakandriana and TI-MG’s Chairperson Dominique Rakotomalala have been summoned to authorities on the basis of accusations filed by Groupement des Exportateurs des […]

EITI Association membership registry

We are in the process of refreshing the EITI Association membership registry.  Does your organisation specialize in issues related to extractive industries governance or transparency?  Is your organisation dedicated to the objectives of the EITI, and interested in being involved in its governance processes?  If so, applications are due by March 14, 2023. EITI Association members are responsible for participating in EITI Members’ Meetings […]

EITI Civil Society Board Members Selection 2023

Update February 8, 2023: The Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG) has been established for the next three years. It will begin working immediately on the selection of 10 civil society representatives to serve on the EITI International Board. Learn more about the CSAG, including its membership here. For more information about applications to the EITI […]

PWYP Global Assembly sessions recordings

The 5th PWYP Global Assembly was held June 27-30, 2022. In total, 407 people participated in the event, of which half were women and around 15% were under 30. This makes it the biggest and most inclusive PWYP Global Assembly so far. A large majority of participants were from civil society, with donors, governments, industry […]

Assessing Civil Society Engagement in the EITI Process

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, or EITI, is a global standard for the good governance of oil, gas, and mineral resources. The EITI Standard requires the disclosure of information along the extractive industry value chain. The existence of an enabling environment for civil society – and particularly the ability for civil society to participate freely […]