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We received a message from Gubad sent to all PWYP members via his lawyers highlighting the impact PWYP’s solidarity is having on him:

Dear beloved PWYP,

Greetings from Baku pre-trial centre (dungeon)!

I have always been proud of my membership in the PWYP family, which I joined in 2003. Even though I have never had the privilege to meet all of you in person, I read PWYP’s statement and support campaign about my arrest, and PWYP’s efforts are an inspiration for me.

I know you are following my shocking and disgraceful arrest, the improper motives behind my trial, trumped-up charges, and fabricated testimony.

I know you and all of our PWYP friends were deeply distressed about what has been happening to me. For almost half a year, so far, with no success, my PWYP friends have been trying to do whatever possible to release me immediately from my dreadful jail situation. I hope the PWYP family can convince the powers that be to release me. But it will not be easy. All of our pre-trial motions were denied. Because there is no free and independent trial, court and justice system in my country. The president Aliyev is the law, in fact he is above the law in Azerbaijan. I am captive by a corrupt regime and I am experiencing cruelty and injustice. 

My window-less cell is damp, smells bad, and is humid, filled with different kinds of insects. I continue to be unable to access fresh food and clean water. My miserable living conditions and my tormented environment contributed to my declining health. I am suffering from high levels of sugar in my blood and an aortic aneurysm (extension in the aortic vein in my heart). I am forced to switch to insulin injections with a very high dose- 22 units in a day. My pulse usually beats more than 110 times in a minute. Besides, I have soaring pain in my lower back and right buttocks due to the pressure in the intervertebral discs Number L3 and L4, L5 in my spinal cord.

Due to unsafe prison conditions and denial of adequate healthcare, my health is deteriorating. The International Committee of the Red Cross is not allowed to visit me. 

Despite my situation being incredibly difficult, I can overcome this challenge I am forced to endure and stay strong. I hope my resilience and courage will inspire other PWYP members in similar situations. I know I am not confronting these challenges alone, a significant number of PWYP members stand in solidarity with me.

Many thanks for PWYP’s unrelenting efforts to release me.



8th January 2024

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