We fight for a cleaner, fairer energy future.
Our global network works to build thriving societies by pushing for an energy transition that leaves no one behind. We listen to and elevate the voices and needs of people living in oil, gas, and mining dependent countries.
Our campaigns
Fair Fossil Fuel Phase Out
The world needs to wean itself off oil and gas. The transition to cleaner energy must protect the livelihoods of vulnerable people who currently depend on fossil fuels.

We advocate for a fair fossil fuels phase out, meeting the needs of people in countries which depend on oil and gas revenues.
Responsible Transition Minerals
Fierce competition for the minerals used to produce and store cleaner energy could damage local communities and the environment.

We raise the voices of frontline communities, to advocate for responsible and just transition minerals.
Important information about oil, gas and mining extraction is too often kept secret, allowing corruption and other abuses to thrive.

We campaign for the disclosure of extractive contracts, so that citizens know the terms of the deal and can hold governments and companies to account.
Free Civic Space
People at the frontline of oil, gas and mining extraction must be heard throughout the energy transition.

We work to ensure people can freely participate in decision-making, and to stop attacks on activists and wider civic space.
Gender Justice
The extractive sector is a major perpetrator of harm against women and girls.

We promote women’s participation in decision-making, to ensure full gender equality and the realisation of women rights in the oil, gas and mining sectors.
Fair Fossil Fuel
Phase out
Responsible Transition
Civic Space

Our impact

With 1000+ members in over 50 countries, PWYP makes a difference to ensure a more transparent and accountable extractive sector.



Member Organisations

Member Organisations

Countries where we have PWYP members

Countries where we have PWYP members
More than $2.7 trillion of government payments from extractive sectors has been disclosed since the creation of PWYP in 2002. This is thanks to the tireless work of our members.

But this is not all. From increased participation of marginalised groups, to securing new laws, to exposing dodgy deals, we have many more stories of change to share.


Navigate in our publications on a wide range of topics, to find the powerful facts, stories and approaches that underpin our work to make the extractive sector more open, accountable and participatory.

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