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It’s our right to know local mining plans – our future is at stake

We won’t give up our fight to access the hidden permit to mine our lands Sometimes it’s called a tin mine, other times, a diamond mine. When I was a girl, people said there was gold here. But now a mining company has arrived, and we don’t even know what they’re going to extract from […]

Gabon: a tale of hope and determination

After almost a decade in the wilderness, Gabon has returned to the EITI – and Publish What You Pay Gabon played a crucial part in making it happen. Paul Aimé Bagafou outlines the lessons learned along the way. Gabon’s road back to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) – the global standard for the good […]

Civil society advocacy strengthens public oversight of oil and gas deals

In 2017, the Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI), a civil society organisation member of PWYP, conducted an analysis of laws governing the recently developed oil and gas sector in Lebanon. This identified gaps in the legal framework that could enable corruption – in particular, risks arising from the secrecy of oil contracts and obscurity […]

Philippines – Trust building: an essential ingredient of an effective coalition

Introduction Bantay Kita-PWYP Philippines has created a model for coalition organising that seeks to strike a balance between formal structure and proximity to communities through relations based on trust and a commitment to elevating community voices.     About the coalition  The PWYP Philippines coalition, Bantay Kita (shortened here to BK-PWYP), is unique in focusing on […]

Empowering communities to use data for accountability in mining

Story of change In the Philippines, the Bantay Kita-Publish What You Pay Philippines coalition (BK-PWYP) identified that EITI data could be useful in helping indigenous communities to demand their share of royalty payments from mining on community land. But making data accessible would not in itself create change. BK-PWYP realised that it needed to understand communities’ […]

Citizens’ groups use revenue disclosures to advocate for local service funding

Story of Change Fees charged to mining companies for land use are a significant source of income for local authorities in Zambia. The Zambian Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalition discovered that a legal loophole had been enabling some mining companies to avoid paying land-use fees. These lost revenues affect the authorities’ ability to provide […]

From laws to implementation – civil society advocacy helps secure US$20 million for communities affected by mining

Story of Change In 2015, following an intensive campaign by civil society, the Government of Burkina Faso adopted a new mining code requiring mining companies to pay 1 per cent of their gross revenues to a community development fund. By July 2019, more than 12 billion Central African Francs (CFA), around US$20 million, had been […]