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Common Ground – A collective starting point for developing PWYP’s next global strategy

Download the paper This document presents an overview of the big questions and themes relating to natural resource extraction and governance today. It draws on research commissioned jointly by NRGI and Publish What You Pay, which combined desk research with over 30 interviews with experts from fields including political economy, climate policy, finance, the extractive […]

Our Shared Inheritance of Natural Resources

A blog by Simon Taylor, Saswati Swetlena, Mike McCormack, Patrick Bond and Rahul Basu. This blog is part of a series commissioned by PWYP’s strategy sub-committee (made up of members of PWYP’s Global Council, Africa Steering Committee and Board). The proposals and positions of each guest author are not endorsed by PWYP; rather they have been invited […]

Unearthing Transition Mineral Accountability in the Philippines: At the Intersection of the Climate Crisis, Energy Transition Landscapes & Extractive Industries

Download the report The current and looming effects of climate catastrophe have brought about paradigm shifts in how societies across the world operate. Global leaders and international institutions have focused on energy transitions, from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, as among the primary solutions to addressing the climate crisis. However, renewable technologies require increasingly […]

Videos: Alternative Mining Indaba 2024

PWYP delegates participated in a panel discussion at the Alternative Mining Indaba 2024, sharing valuable insights on amplifying community and marginalised voices amidst the rush for minerals. They emphasised the importance of hearing and addressing Africa’s needs. Here, you’ll find three video excerpts showcasing their contributions to the dialogue. Adam Anthony, Chair of the PWYP […]

Mining Indaba 2024: What We Want

  At the 2024 Mining Indaba happening in Cape Town from 5 to 8 February, PWYP members advocate for African leaders to ensure that transition minerals bring genuine prosperity and development of the continent. Any commitment or deal made during those four days and beyond should ensure people and communities’ best interest. Read more: Recommendations […]

A Partnership of Equals?

A Partnership of Equals? How to strengthen the EU’s Critical Raw Materials Strategic Partnerships The European Union’s (EU) Critical Raw Minerals Act (CRMA) is an important part of the bloc’s attempt to address the challenges of securing sustainable access to Critical Raw Materials (CRM). The aim is to reduce dependency on single third-country suppliers and promote circularity […]

PWYP 2023 Africa Conference Report

The world needs to slow climate change to prevent catastrophic impacts, and must replace fossil fuels with cleaner energy sources to do it. In June the Africa Conference 2023 was held in Saly, Senegal for three days of relationship-building, reflection, and strategising on how we can tackle this issue and work towards a collaborative and fair […]

National Coordinators Survey 2023: A snapshot of coalition action

The extractive sector has long been defined by poor governance and a lack of transparency which contribute among other things to corruption, human rights abuses and environmental degradation, putting people and the planet at risk. Tackling these challenges means battling against deeply entrenched and powerful interests – which can take years of advocacy. 39 out […]

Transitional minerals in the DRC: putting citizens in control

  Copper and cobalt are two of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) biggest exports. Cobalt is one of the world’s most sought after minerals: a key component in the lithium-ion batteries which power electric vehicles (EVs), as well as mobile batteries and laptops. Copper is used in renewable energy systems to generate power from […]

Transition minerals in Zambia: ending community poverty

  Zambia is Africa’s second biggest copper producer, and has been a major producer of the metal for more than a century. Now global copper demand is accelerating and will continue to surge because of its critical role in the push to decarbonise the planet. Thanks to its electrical conductivity and low reactivity, copper is […]

Transition minerals in Madagascar: for a transparent community consultation

  Madagascar produces key transition minerals, including cobalt and nickel: both ingredients in the lithium-ion batteries used in most electric vehicles (EVs) and in renewable energy storage.  The mining sector accounts for around 30%  of the country’s exports. But despite possessing substantial deposits of the natural riches considered key to the energy transition, Madagascar’s 28 […]

Recommendations for a common African vision on transition minerals

To make the most of the transition minerals boom, African leaders need to come together and act urgently to ensure that the emerging transition minerals market is well-regulated, transparent, just and equitable.  The world needs to stop burning fossil fuels. Climate change is already happening and to prevent the worst impacts we must accelerate the […]