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A managed decline of fossil fuel production is necessary to tackle the climate crisis and to create long-term prosperity.

The transition to low carbon energy can contribute towards a resilient post-pandemic recovery, secure sustainable development, improve air quality and biodiversity, and benefit citizens.

However, without a concerted and organized effort by civil society, the energy transition risks being both inadequate and unfair, undermining economic benefits and livelihoods, and weakening citizen participation in the management of their natural resources.

As the worldwide campaign for open and accountable extractive industries, PWYP advocates for a people-centered, economically fair and socially just transition to a low carbon economy.  The disclosure of information is a crucial call for the movement, as it enables investors, policymakers and citizens to understand and address the significant financial risks of the energy transition for companies and countries dependent on extracting, producing and using coal, oil and natural gas. PWYP also calls for transformative governance of transition minerals, so that these resources truly benefit citizens and do not perpetuate existing global inequality.

Find here PWYP’s position on the energy transition.


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