From village to parliament, herdswomen build a movement to stop pollution and illegal mining

Story of Change

Two herdswomen living near the River Tuul complained to local authorities about gravel mining that was creating dust, causing villagers ill health and preventing them from farming. Receiving no satisfactory response, the women began to organise villagers to protest, and with the help of PWYP Mongolia (the TAN Coalition) they formed an NGO, New Settlement Zone Healthy and Safe Environment (NSZHSE), to formally represent villagers and enable them to advocate for their rights.

NSZHSE organised road barricades, generated media attention, identified legal and advocacy routes to challenge mining, and lobbied authorities, from the local council to the national parliament. As a result, 96 illegal gravel-mining licences have been revoked. But the villagers’ struggle to end illegal and polluting mining continues.

The PWYP Stories of Change capture progress and showcase the impact of PWYP members. They help reflect on advocacy approaches taken by PWYP members, with the intention of learning and strengthening our connected advocacy within our movement. 

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