De la législation à la mise en oeuvre, le plaidoyer de la société civile permet d’obtenir 20 millions de $ pour les communautés touchées par l’exploitation minière

History of change

In 2015, following a dynamic campaign led by civil society, the government of Burkina Faso adopted a new mining code requiring mining companies to pay 1% of their gross income to a community development fund.

In July 2019, more than 12 billion CFA francs, or approximately $ 20 million, are collected and distributed to communities, municipalities and regions of Burkina Faso. Since the establishment of this 1% requirement, the civil society coalition in Burkina Faso has worked to ensure the effective implementation of the fund and to ensure that it is used in a fully responsible manner. .

The Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalition and its partners also verify whether the fund is generating the intended impact, i.e. by improving the lives of affected communities.

This story of change is told from the perspective of the civil society advocates involved. It serves as a starting point for capturing progress and reflecting on advocacy activities with the intention of learning. 

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