Using Onodo to visualise company ownership networks


Onodo was created in 2015 by the Spanish civil societal organisation Civio. Its goal is to visualise complex networks and to support your story-telling. Because Onodo is easy to use, the target audience does not need any technical knowledge to construct a network visualization. You can use Onodo to visualize company ownership networks to better understand the relations between different actors, may it be persons, companies or locations as well as their magnitude of influence.

In the context of extractives, Onodo can be used to visualise corporate ownership networks, web of payments between companies and governments, map the influence of politically exposed persons (PEPs), the use of service companies by the government or any other network of entities as well as contractual arrangements.

This document is part of a video tutorial available on our YouTube page in two parts: Part 1 & Part 2.

This tutorial was created in partnership with Open Oil as part of PWYP’s Data Extractors Programme. Visit our Data Extractors programme page for more tools and resources for uncovering and making sense of extractives data.

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