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Government efforts to reduce emissions in the oil and gas sector need more transparency

Emily Nickerson supported the production of the below mentioned report by Oxfam Canada and Parkland Institute, and is also outgoing Director of PWYP-Canada. This blog presents key report findings, and lessons for PWYP coalitions and members. Governments are ramping up their investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, investing billions in new green industries and efforts […]

Empowering communities to use data for accountability in mining

Story of change In the Philippines, the Bantay Kita-Publish What You Pay Philippines coalition (BK-PWYP) identified that EITI data could be useful in helping indigenous communities to demand their share of royalty payments from mining on community land. But making data accessible would not in itself create change. BK-PWYP realised that it needed to understand communities’ […]

Impactful and connected PWYP national coalitions despite COVID-19

Feedback from the National Coordinators Survey 2021 In 2020, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) national coalitions have been under significant strain as a result of COVID-19, facing funding squeezes, crackdowns on civic space and capacity contractions. Yet despite these serious constraints, they have continued to achieve important advocacy impacts and progress towards the collective PWYP […]

EITI civil society board members express disappointment in decision not to progress complaint against company board member

Read the EITI civil society board member’s latest statement here. In February 2021, PWYP-US submitted a complaint to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Board, alleging the involvement of an EITI Board member of the company constituency in lobbying efforts which undermined mandatory oil and mining transparency requirements in the United States. PWYP-US argued that […]

Positioning Publish What You Pay on the energy transition

A managed decline of fossil fuel production is necessary to tackle the climate crisis and to create long-term prosperity. The transition to low carbon energy can contribute towards a resilient post-pandemic recovery, secure sustainable development, improve air quality and biodiversity, and benefit citizens. However, without a concerted and organized effort by civil society, the energy transition risks being both inadequate and unfair, undermining economic benefits and livelihoods, […]

How our global movement can fight a global crisis

Economies which rely heavily on fossil fuels for their revenues could collapse in the shift to a low carbon future. This can only be averted by an energy transition which puts people first – and PWYP can help make this happen. This week, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) adopted global positions on the energy transition. […]

Registration to PWYP Africa Conference 2021

This event took place in March 2021. You can find here the links to the conference’s sessions recordings and the report presenting highlights of the three-day meeting. Download the report   Adapting for resilience and collaborating for impact on natural resource governance 24 and 25 March The 2021 PWYP Africa Conference will consider how the […]

Urgent statement on civic space in Iraq, Kazakhstan, Honduras and other countries

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) believes that civic participation and unrestricted civil society are a prerequisite for a world where the extractive industries benefit, and do not harm, people. As we enter a new year of continuing health, economic and climate crises, a strong civil society remains a bedrock of recovering and moving forward. As […]

Radically Different: Gender justice in natural resource governance

Join our webinar series! On 25 January 2021, the Gender Justice and Extractive Industries Working Group is launching a webinar series over two weeks, exploring different policy areas related to women’s rights, the extractive industries, and gender issues. Topics include the gendered impact of oil pipelines in Peru and East Africa, how to use extractives […]

What Might Our Movement’s Future Look Like Given the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In late October 2020, as a second wave of COVID-19 swept across the Northern Hemisphere  – and it became clear that the disruption from the pandemic would be long lived – the PWYP Secretariat hosted a global conversation to stress-test our movement’s global Vision 2025 strategy. Vision 2025 was adopted by PWYP members in 2019. […]

PWYP Members in Niger finally released. Now their charges must be dropped.

After spending six months in jail on fabricated charges, three members of the global Publish What You Pay (PWYP) movement in Niger were released on bail, following a concerted campaign by civil society groups around the world. On 29 September 2020, Maïkoul Zodi was granted bail by a senior judge in Niger’s capital, Niamey. The […]

PWYP survey reveals the breadth of achievement among national coalitions

In March 2020 the Publish What you Pay International Secretariat commissioned a survey of National Coalition Coordinators that asked about the activities and experiences of their coalitions over the previous 12 months.  The purpose of the survey was to help track the Secretariat’s progress in implementing PWYP’s 2025 Vision strategy and to gather further information […]