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Cyrille Tipane

For me transparency isn’t just a job or a value, it is a way a of life. One of the things that motivates me in my work, is that in my environment, transparency isn’t an issue people talk about much. They ask themselves, ‘What’s transparency in the extractive industry? What’s the extractive industry?’ This makes […]

CSOs on EITI Board call for Myanmar to lift restrictions on civil society space

Statement from civil society EITI International Board representatives calling for restrictions on civil society space in Myanmar to be lifted On 2 July 2014, the International Board of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) admitted Myanmar as a candidate country following initial progress towards reform. However, we, the civil society members of the EITI International […]

Equatorial Guinea and EITI candidacy, slow but steady progress?

Far from the buoyant football stadiums hosting the Africa Cup of Nations, civil society groups gathered in Equatorial Guinea’s main cities, Malabo and Bata, to elect their representatives to the local EITI decision making body. PWYP was present during those unprecedented elections and reports back. The morning was long – and sweaty. The civil society […]

Equatorial Guinea – Behind the facade

The paradox of plenty is nowhere more obvious than in the small oil-rich nation of Equatorial Guinea. With a population of less than one million on which to spend its vast oil wealth, Equatorial Guinea should be a prosperous country with well looked after citizens. Instead, it is estimated that three quarters of Equatoguineans live […]

EITI and Azerbaijan: headed for divorce?

Just over a year ago at the tenth anniversary of the EITI I delivered an expose: Civil society and the EITI in Azerbaijan: blissfully married or on the rocks?. Pretending to be an Azeri marriage counsellor I presented a thorny state of marital affairs where the space for civil society to operate and play their […]

Ukraine to publish beneficial owners & other news (PWYP Update)

Read this issue of the PWYP newsletter! Articles include: In Brief How can EITI in DRC be made to effect lasting change? EITI and Azerbaijan : heading for divorce? Spotlight: PWYP Indonesia – a coalition that uses the data Who really owns a company? Ukraine to publish beneficial owners

How effectively is Congo B’s oil money being used? PWYP investigates

For more than a decade, arrests and intimidations notwithstanding, PWYP activists in Congo-Brazzaville have been campaigning to find out how much the country receives from its oil. Despite being in the top five oil producers of Sub-Saharan Africa, almost three quarters of the population are thought to live on less than $2 a day – […]

Good news from Canada and France in the last newsletter of 2014

Read this issue of our newsletter! Articles include: In Brief France adopts publish what you pay law Cautious success in Canada Indonesia – riding the wave of open data “Smart men run for the truth, not for money” Who were the transparency champions of 2014?

Canada passes anti-corruption measure for extractive companies

New anti-corruption measure for oil, gas and mining companies passes into law amidst cautions from civil society 17 December 2014 – Canada’s new law requiring oil, gas, and mining companies to annually report the taxes, royalties and other payments they make to governments passed into law on December 16th after receiving Royal Assent. Civil society […]

Why does Tajikistan need EITI?

The implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) could bring great benefit to Tajikistan. Yet, lack of government commitment and the restrictions imposed on civil society activities create the risk of undermining this much needed effort to introduce unprecedented transparency into the country’s extractive sector. Nestled between Kyrgyzstan to the North, Afghanistan to the […]

UK anti-corruption law for oil, gas and mining companies enters into force

Publish What You Pay coalition commends UK government for honouring transparency pledge The UK’s Reports on Payments to Governments Regulations 2014 enter into force today, 1 December 2014, after being signed into law by Business Minister Jo Swinson MP on 28 November. The regulations implement the anti-corruption provisions for the oil, gas, mining and logging […]

PWYP Nigeria hails UK government on adoption of EU Accounting Directive

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Nigeria has commended the UK Government on its adoption of the new EU Accounting Directive and the full implementation of the beneficial ownership regime under the Extractive industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). The UK is the first country to adopt the new directive through The Reports on Payments to Governments Regulations […]