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HakiRasilimali/ PWYP Tanzania is platform for CSOs working on strategic issues around minerals, oil and gas extraction in Tanzania. The coalition emerged in 2010 from an online knowledge community of practitioners in the extractive industries, and joined PWYP in 2016 to reinforce its strategic approach to increasing transparency in the sector. To facilitate the adoption of transparency, HakiRasilimali aims to produce solution-oriented products that simplify the work of policymakers and technocrats. HakiRasilimali vision envisages that the extractive industries – oil, gas and mineral resource extraction – contribute to equitable and sustainable national. This can be achieved through supporting collective learning and jointly influencing oil, natural gas and mineral resources policies, laws, regulations and practices;  partnering with other knowledge and capacity-building institutions to carry out policy analysis and advocacy.

The coalition supports collective learning and advocates for enhanced transparency and accountability of the extractive sector
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Member organisations

Governance Links-Board chairperson
HakiMadini-Steering member
Policy Forum-Head of Steering committee
Tanzania Law Society-Steering member
Governance an Economic Policy centre