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Jusoor, established in 2015, is an independent Libyan non- profit think and do tank and has it headquarter in Tripoli. Jusoor is committed to development innovative policies and implementation of economic and social development projects. Jusoor works on promoting research, critical thinking, open discourse and innovative solutions with a special focus on women’s issues.

Jusoor has worked to establish the Libyan Women’s Peace and Security Advisory Group.
The advisory group includes members from women-led civil society organisations, and independent experts committed to enhancing women’s role in security and peace processes and providing support and advice to decision-makers and various stakeholders. Jusoor’s role focuses on highlighting the importance of including economic and climate change aspects in the peace processes.

By joining PWYP, they aim to collaborate with like-minded organizations and amplify our advocacy initiatives to emphasize the importance of gender justice in the extractive industries. We also seek to contribute to PWYP’s global efforts to advocate for sustainable and equal energy transitions in the MENA region.

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