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Admitted in 2009 as a candidate EITI country, Albania was granted compliant status in May 2013. In its 9 years of implementation, Albania has published 7 reports covering the years 2009-2016, with the latest one (2016) already following the requirements of the EITI Standard.

Multi Stakeholder Group headed by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy consists of 16 representatives of which: 6 representatives from government, 5 representatives from civil society and 5 representatives from the companies which operate in extractive industry.

In 2016 « Albanian Network- Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (AlbNet-EITI), the CSO Coalition is formalized having its Statute and the Code of Conduct. 

In 2015 women representatives in MSG initiated the foundation of  Coalition “Women for Natural Resources Protection (WNRP) », empowering women regarding her position and influence in the society mainly in extractive industry. 

The members of CSO in MSG Group have a strong voice in the decision making. They initiated social and environmental issues to be included in EITI Report. Among permanent duties, ongoing pressure is applied for Beneficial Ownership Disclosures and partial disclosure of Hydrocarbon Agreement.

They are strongly defending and lobbing the raise of the percentage of royalty allocated to Municipalities where extractive Industry is active in order communities living there could benefit from exploitation of their own property.