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As the world continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, PWYP members are responding and adapting to this unprecedented situation in several ways. In many PWYP member countries, we face collapsing oil prices, the need to rethink how we carry out our change agenda, and civic space being under increased pressure.

On this page you will find resources by PWYP members on their responses to the COVID-19 crisis, and its impact on their work and the extractives sector. This is a living web page and will be updated regularly.

Responding to civic space threats

The PWYP Secretariat has prepared a resources document on COVID-19 and Civic Space, available here. If you need to report incidents, please use one the methods below:

  • Report incidents securely, via the LANDex platform – an incident reporting form to collect reports of sensitive, non-published incidents against activists. All information submitted via LANDex will be stored privately and securely. Cases will not be published on the platform. All information submitted will be reviewed by the Data Working Group of the Defend the Defenders Coalition and an anonymised, aggregated file of these cases will be made publicly available.
  • Report public cases, via this Google Sheet – for non-sensitive cases that have already been published.
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