PWYP MENA members renew their commitment to fight for a world where all citizens benefit from their natural resources

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On 11 – 12 July, 2018, 9 representatives of the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalitions from the MENA region met in Beirut, Lebanon, to attend the 4th PWYP MENA Regional Meeting.

Objectives of the Meeting

  • To re-activate engagement of PWYP members in the MENA region
  • To prepare for the PWYP Global Assembly and to consult on the global 2020-2025 strategy
  • To develop the capacities of PWYP MENA members to engage in the EITI multi stakeholder groups (MSGs) (with reference to PWYP’s EITI guide)

Deliberations and Activities


Participants from the diverse coalitions provided each other with a background about the political and socio-economic context of their countries from 2014 and the coalition’s situations amid these conditions. The members have also received a training on advocacy planning to help them develop long-term approaches to engage constructively in their respective countries and support transparency, participation, and accountability of natural resource governance.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the participants to discuss PWYP draft global 2020-2025 strategy, the upcoming Global Council elections, and a significant training related to the effective engagement in EITI MSG governance principles (with reference to PWYP’s EITI guide chapter one).

The event constituted a relevant opportunity for debate where PWYP members discussed regional context, opportunities, and challenges, and shared the experience of the coalitions in the midst of the socio-economic and political realities of the region. PWYP members shared as well their experiences in advocacy campaigning and highlighted the importance of engaging more effectively and efficiently through the EITI and other transparency platforms. The participants have emphasized the relevance of participating in decision making processes pertaining to the natural resources sector in order to safeguard transparency and accountability. Furthermore, finding efficient mechanisms for communication among PWYP MENA members was emphasized and the need for further support by PWYP to the region.



PWYP members and coalitions committed to engage in in-depth discussions and debates related to PWYP’s 2020-2025 strategy which will be adopted at the January 2019 Global Assembly in Dakar. The members pledged as well to constructively advance and support woman and youth participation in the coalitions’ endeavors and decision-making processes; and to review and amend their codes of conduct for civil society participation in the EITI MSG, in order to reinforce the effectiveness of civil society participation in the initiative.

Participants called upon their respective governments for effectively launching the EITI process (Lebanon) and in adequately implementing the initiative (Tunis, Iraq). Additionally, all members called for an open and accountable sector where CSOs can make their voices heard and the governments would constantly ensure that civic space is quite respected and safeguarded, in line with the EITI Civil Society Protocol. Accordingly, the participants condemned the ongoing detention of PWYP board member Mr. Ali Idrissa.

The meeting resolved with a renewed commitment to proceed in their endeavor for a world where all citizens, both current and future generations, benefit from their natural resources.

Beirut, Lebanon
12 July 2018

PWYP Iraq, PWYP Tunisia, along with Civil Society Members from Lebanon

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