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The 5th PWYP Global Assembly was held June 27-30, 2022.

In total, 407 people participated in the event, of which half were women and around 15% were under 30. This makes it the biggest and most inclusive PWYP Global Assembly so far. A large majority of participants were from civil society, with donors, governments, industry and the media also in attendance, and 71 countries represented overall! Participants spent more than 5 hours on average on the platform; and 241 of them connected to at least one of the speed-networking sessions, creating new relationships with members in other countries. Across 13 sessions, 55 outstanding speakers gave us new keys to understanding crucial issues on extractive sector governance. And finally, 19 expo booths were set up by coalitions and members to showcase their work.

Watch the sessions’ recordings

The main sessions are available on the PWYP Youtube channel. You can watch them here:

Celebration 20 Years Of Success And Looking Forward

Securing A Just Transition For Resource Dependent Countries

Thinking Beyond The Norms To Foster Feminist Natural Resource Governance

Contract Transparency: Lesson Learned And Future Prospects

Leadership And Governance: Working Together As A Global Movement

You can also watch the live performance by the Ukrainian band The Velvet Sun here.

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