PWYP expresses unwavering support to people and its members in Ukraine

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) condemns the invasion of Ukraine and stands in solidarity with its people and our members.  

The harrowing scenes of Ukrainians forced to flee their homes or to stand and fight, of their lives being upended or destroyed, and of their country being shattered, show extreme courage and personal sacrifice. The war already has global repercussions, and has the potential to trigger a wider conflict. 

At such a perilous moment, we reaffirm our commitment to the principles of democratic governance, accountability and transparency. These are values for which Ukraine has become a beacon to many of its neighbours and beyond, setting the stage for best practices around the world. For instance, after a decade of campaigning by civil society and others, in December 2021, Ukraine’s parliament passed one of the most progressive oil, gas and mining transparency laws in the world, which will allow the disclosure of all extractive contracts. In a country with significant hydrocarbon and mineral reserves, this legislation would be transformative.  

Now this and other steps Ukraine has taken towards better governance in recent years are under grave threat.

Extractive companies – and those campaigning for them to be open and accountable – must stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they resist this attack on their right to self-determination.

We are urgently calling for a freeze in investment in Russian extractives projects. We welcome the recent announcements made by several companies to sell their Russian assets. We are calling on those companies and investors who have yet to cut ties with  Russian oil, gas and mining projects to do so in a quick, responsible and transparent manner.

Russia must end the conflict immediately. Ukrainians have the same right to exist in peace and security that we all do. Our support for them to do so must be unwavering.

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