PWYP Annual Report 2021


PWYP’s Annual Report 2021 highlights the main achievements and impacts that the movement had collectively over the past year, as well as the state of our finances.

No one could have predicted what the year 2021 would look like, after the pandemic turned the world upside down in 2020.

The second year of this pandemic was also the second year of implementation of our Vision 2025 strategy and, despite the uncertainties linked to the health crisis, PWYP members and the International Secretariat moved forward ambitious plans towards our goals of being informed, influential, heard, and connected. And it was the right thing to do; despite the pandemic, the heavy personal losses many of us have faced, the increasing restrictions on civic space and limitations on travel, PWYP members continued to work hard to hold the oil, gas, and mining sectors accountable. They have mobilised to have a decisive impact in many places around the world, and for that we can only be proud to be part of such a strong global network.

Discover our main achievements, impacts and lessons-learned in 2021.




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