PWYP Annual Report 2019


2019 was a landmark year for the PWYP movement. It with the adoption of our Vision 2025 strategy at the PWYP Global Assembly in Senegal, where 250 members and partners joined together to share experiences, generate ideas and strengthen our network. And we ended it – after seven regional consultations, involving over 200 members – with a clear, inspiring operational plan to implement Vision 2025.

In 2019, PWYP achieved significant gains, including new requirements on contract disclosure and gender in the EITI Standard. We promoted women’s meaningful participation in extractive governance, using evidence from our gender research project in West Africa. 

We also launched exciting new work, including a three-year project to strengthen the capacity of oversight actors in Iraq, Kenya and Lebanon, and a tax transparency project in East and Southern Africa to foster citizen efforts to ensure that natural-resource deals are fair.

Bolstered by these achievements, PWYP ended 2019 united and focused on delivering Vision 2025. As we look forward to 2020 and beyond, we hope that the PWYP Annual Report 2019 serves as a source of inspiration, so PWYP can continue to drive change towards a people-centred extractive sector.

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