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This event took place in March 2021. You can find here the links to the conference’s sessions recordings and the report presenting highlights of the three-day meeting.


Adapting for resilience and collaborating for impact on natural resource governance

24 and 25 March

The 2021 PWYP Africa Conference will consider how the resource governance movement can build resilience and collaborate for impact in Africa, in the face of big global challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and energy transition, and threats on civic space.

The conference, held every three years, is the principal space for PWYP members, along with the wider natural resource governance movement in Africa, to strategise, discuss and exchange experiences, and to learn from one another.

pictures of attendees at the PWYP Africa Conference

The conference will be the first Africa-wide PWYP gathering since the adoption of the five year global Strategy, Vision 2025 – A people-centred agenda for the extractive sector. It will also be the first PWYP Africa Conference to be held virtually, a necessary measure resulting from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Each session will feature a panel discussion/presentation from speakers for 45 minutes, followed by a 30 minute question and answer session. All sessions will be recorded and made available online following the event.

Please note that by registering for this event you are committing to abide by the PWYP code of conduct.


Download a PDF of the Africa Conference 2021 Day 1 and 2 Agenda

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