Publish What You Pay Eurasia Communique 26 – 28 September 2017

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26 – 28 September 2017, twenty-five representatives of the Publish What You Pay (PWYP)coalitions in Eurasia met in Aktau, Kazakhstan to attend the 13th PWYP Eurasia Regional Meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was:

  • to receive a progress report from the PWYP Secretariat on the work undertaken since the previous Eurasia meeting in September 2016;
  • to participate in development of PWYP Strategy for 2020-2025;
  • to discuss and endorse draft Protection strategy for PWYP members in Eurasia;
  • to build capacity on SOEs and quasi-fiscal activities.
  • Participants welcomed the re-engagement of civil society in Kazakhstan in the PWYP campaign.*

    Participants reviewed and endorsed the draft member protection strategy.

    Participants welcomed the opportunity to input to development of PWYP Strategy for 2020-2025.

    Participants discussed and supported the efforts of the PWYP Global Council to identify membership principles.

    Finally, participants expressed their concern regarding continuous efforts by governments to narrow civic space, harassment of civil society activists and decreasing funding for initiatives on transparency and accountability in different countries of Eurasia region.

    The meeting resolved to continue the campaign for a world where all citizens, both current and future generations, benefit from their natural resources.

    Aktau, Kazakhstan, 28 September, 2017

    PWYP coalition in Azerbaijan

    PWYP coalition in Ukraine

    PWYP coalition in Kyrgyzstan

    PWYP coalition in Tajikistan

    Along with civil society representatives from the following countries: Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Armenia.

    *25th September, 2017 – meeting was organized with representatives of civil society in Kazakhstan dedicated to their re-engagement in PWYP campaign.

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