Implementing Vision 20/20

In 2012, Publish What You Pay adopted the Vision 20/20 strategy and expanded its remit from revenue transparency to all steps of the value chain. One of the pillars of PWYP’s strategy is to “Publish What You Learn”. PWYP has therefore, on the occasion of its 2016 Global Assembly, sought to reflect on the work realised by its national coalitions since 2012, as well as consider what campaigns lie ahead.

To this end, this report seeks to answer four key questions:

  • What have national coalitions been working on since 2012?
  • What progresses have they made? (And what factors contributed to those successes?)
  • What challenges have they faced?
  • What should be – or could be – the future priorities of the global coalition?
  • This report is based on the knowledge, insights and opinions of PWYP’s national coordinators, as well as feedback from members of the PWYP Secretariat. Findings were collected through a combination of semi-structured interviews and questionnaires, as well as extensive desk-research including the coalition national strategies, press releases and blogs pertaining to the work of national coalitions, and PWYP’s strategy materials.

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