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We are in the process of refreshing the EITI Association membership registry.  Does your organisation specialize in issues related to extractive industries governance or transparency?  Is your organisation dedicated to the objectives of the EITI, and interested in being involved in its governance processes?  If so, applications are due by March 14, 2023.

EITI Association members are responsible for participating in EITI Members’ Meetings (typically held every 3 years), to approve the Board’s activity reports, approve Board members and alternates as nominated by the constituency, and the Board Chair, on proposal of the Board.

The parameters of membership are outlined by Article 5 of the EITI Articles of Association, and details of civil society EITI Association membership (eligibility and process) are found in the EITI Civil Society Constituency Guidelines.

Please note that a renewal of Association membership takes place ahead of each Members’ Meeting – for current Association members, this means that failure to file a new application by March 14, 2023, will result in lapse of membership.

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