BG Group’s payments to the Government of Tunisia, 2015

Inquiry from the Tunisian Coalition for Transparency in Energy and Mines to the Government of Tunisia Questions for the Government of Tunisia:

BG Group has reported US$101,365,000 (US$7,199,000 in kind plus US$94,166,000 in cash) in total payments to the Government of Tunisia during 2015 (Report on Payments to Governments for the Year 2015).


Of these payments, US$66,506,000 (65.61%) were taxes, US$27,660,000 (27.29%) royalties paid in cash, and US$7,199,000 (7.10%) royalties paid in kind (barrels of oil equivalent).

• US$94,166,000 in cash to Monsieur le Receveur des Finances du Lac (92.90%)

• US$7,199,000 in kind (boe) to L’Entreprise Tunisienne d’Activités Pétrolières (7.10%)

• Miskar: US$54,587,000 (US$2,750,000 in kind, US$51,837,000 in cash) (53.85% of total)

• Miskar reported net production 2015: 18.1 kboed (60.13% of total)

• Hasdrubal: US$46,778,000 (US$4,449,000 in kind, US$42,329,000 in cash) (46.15% of total)

• Hasdrubal reported net production 2015: 12.0 kboed (39.87% of total)

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