Being a member

In this section, PWYP members can find useful resources and the principles that underpin what it means to be a PWYP member. This is also where the forms to join the movement can be found.

Our Operating Principles

To ensure we operate with the transparency and accountability that we campaign for in the extractive sector, PWYP members have defined a set of governance standards and Operating Principles which every PWYP member commits to uphold.


PWYP is a family, and as a solidarity and values-based movement we are committed to creating a safe environment and to put in place policies and systems to protect our members.


PWYP works in a spirit of honesty, integrity and openness; coalition member organisations are ac¬countable to each other, the global coalition and to our donors.


PWYP constructively engages with other stake¬holders to ensure an open debate for good gover¬nance in the extractive industries.


PWYP freely shares knowledge and information within and across coalitions to promote change in a multi-disciplinary, cross-regional and multilingual way.


PWYP respects cultural diversity and opposes all forms of discrimination; PWYP coalitions are non-partisan.


PWYP’s strength lies in our members; we recognise and value our members’ courage, commitment and contribution.


PWYP is a dynamic network; we strive for flexibility, responsiveness and innovation through self-questioning and learning.


PWYP membership is open to all civil society organisations that share our vision, mission and principles; we embrace partnerships to leverage our campaign.


PWYP is an independent movement and will always advocate and campaign freely, in accordance with the values we uphold.


PWYP practises what we preach in terms of financial transparency, fundraising and management, avoiding all conflicts of interest and mismanagement. PWYP has a zerotolerance policy for corruption.


This toolbox for members includes the PWYP governance manual, policies and other relevant documents that have been developed to ensure that PWYP, our members and governing bodies maintain consistently high standards of governance and transparency. These also enable donors, partners and others to hold us to account in our work to ensure oil, gas and mining revenues improve everyone’s lives.

PWYP Governance Manual

The Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Governance Manual outlines governance roles and responsibilities for PWYP, which has been a registered legal entity in the United Kingdom since April 2015. The manual is intended to be a living document.

PWYP Africa Charter

The PWYP Africa Charter is the institutional document that guides the activities of PWYP in Africa and to promote the vision and values of the campaign on the African continent.

How to join

Becoming a member of PWYP means joining more than 1000 other civil society organisations in over 55 countries across the world. Our members share a global vision and mission; and commit to a set of core operating and governance principles, but are otherwise autonomous, self-governed and independently-funded.



Join as a coalition

If you are part of a national coalition which would like to join/affiliate to PWYP, please complete this form and email it to the relevant Regional Coordinator at the PWYP Secretariat. 

Please note that there is only one PWYP coalition in a country. You can check this page to see where PWYP coalitions already exist, and if there is already a national coalition in your country which you would like to join, please contact the National Coordinator directly.

Download the form

Join as an individual organisation

If your organisation is  based in a country where there is no national PWYP coalition, please email the Secretariat at [email protected] and we will process your application.

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