2022: A year of celebration, connecting and looking ahead

In 2022, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) members and partners will celebrate, come together, reflect on the movement’s past and look to the future. 

2022 is a significant year in the life of the global PWYP movement: it marks the 20th anniversary of the Publish What You Pay campaign and will be the year that we come together for our fifth PWYP Global Assembly. In 2022, we will also reach the midpoint of PWYP’s Vision 2025 strategy to advance a people-centred agenda for the extractive sector, and the International Secretariat will complete the final year of its current Operational Plan. 

As we emerge from the pandemic that has dominated our lives for the past two years, this is also a year to consolidate and reconnect so that we are ready to meet the increasingly urgent challenge of ensuring that the transition to a low carbon economy is just and equitable

Several key-moments and events will mark this unique year (you can also see them in this timeline) :

  • PWYP Global Assembly: Celebrating 20 years and looking ahead / June 27-30 

PWYP members and partners can already save the date: the fifth PWYP Global Assembly will take place as a virtual event from Monday, 27 to Thursday, 30 June. There will be moments to celebrate, connect and network, and moments to dig into our priority campaigns and areas of work. We will also introduce the new Global Council members, adopt a new gender policy and update the PWYP Governance Manual (see details below).

More information will follow in the coming months, including the agenda, details of how to register, and ways to participate, including by sharing stories, photos and videos via a dedicated online platform that will be launched in April.

  • Regional meetings / March-June

In advance of the Global Assembly, between March and June, virtual regional meetings of PWYP members will take place in Francophone Africa, Anglophone Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and North America, Eurasia, Asia Pacific and MENA. They will provide opportunities for PWYP members to feed into the Vision 2025 strategy review (see details below) and to provide feedback on proposed updates to PWYP’s Governance Manual, which will then be put to members for adoption at the Global Assembly. 

In addition, the regional meetings will be the occasion for members to elect their new representatives to the PWYP Global Council for a three year term. Candidate profiles will be shared in advance and coalitions will be able to vote electronically or reach a consensus decision at the regional meetings. 

  • Adoption of a global PWYP gender policy and revision of the Governance manual / June

A global PWYP gender policy is being developed, in consultation with PWYP members around the world. The draft policy will be circulated for feedback to all members and finalised by June so that it can be put to members for adoption at the Global Assembly. 

A consultation will also be carried out from March to June in order to seek feedback and endorsement on the proposed revisions to the PWYP Governance Manual.

  • Vision 2025 strategy review – throughout the year

As we reach the mid-point of our Vision 2025 strategy, it is important to hear the views and experiences of PWYP members about progress, challenges and new opportunities to advance our mission and vision. A consultation will be carried out, including at the regional meetings, to inform the mid-strategy review which will, in turn, inform the development of the Secretariat’s Operational Plan for 2023 to 2025. 

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