10 years of the Africa Mining Vision

The AMV was adopted in February 2009 and turned 10 years old this year. After all these years since its adoption, what have been the successes, challenges and opportunities for implementing the AMV agenda?

It is against this background that the PWYP Africa Steering Committee jointly hosted a meeting in collaboration with the Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW) ,  the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA), Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA), Third World Network (TWN), Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and  Africa Minerals Development Center  (AMDC) on the Africa Mining Vision (AMV). The meeting was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 23 to 25 October. The meeting re-energised civil society commitment to the implementation of the AMV agenda specifically:

  1. It defined the role and responsibility of civil society in the implementation of the AMV
  2. It set the agenda for short and medium term strategies to support the implementation of the AMV
  3. It agreed on areas of intervention and defining the substance.

As the PWYP movement, it important to note; the AMV is still a relevant framework in the governance of the mining sector. Governments have an opportunity to domesticate the principles in their domestic law.

The PWYP Africa Steering Committee made a commitment at the start of their term of office that the AMV will be a priority for their leadership of the movement in Africa. Jointly organizing this meeting and having members of PWYP coalitions and the Africa Steering Committee attending the meeting is in line with this commitment; and we hope to build on the discussions by participating in the upcoming AMV Forum next week in Accra, Ghana.

Download the communique here.

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